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Camp Linden Newsletter

The Brandywine Creek Democrats (formerly Bradford Democrats) continues our ongoing tradition of making a yearly donation to Camp Linden. Located in West Bradford Township, Camp Linden provides a summer camp program for inner city children to experience nature. To read their current newsletter please click on the attached link.

Summer Views 2023


Poll Volunteers – May 16, 2023

Primary Election Day is Tuesday, May 16: What you need to know…

Many Democrats are aware that the 2023 Primary Election is coming up. Many know that we are voting to place candidates on the November 7 General Election ballot for state and judicial offices and Chester County Government as well as school board directors and local municipal/township offices.

By now you are probably aware that for ‘non-partisan’ judicial and school director races, candidates may “cross file” onto other party ballots than their own, and this means that extreme right judges and school director candidates are on the Democratic ballot you will complete now (if using a mail-in ballot), or on May 16 at the polls.

Fortunately you all have access to our sample ballots that identify the real Democrats who have been vetted and endorsed by your local Democratic zone and county organizations. PLEASE USE THESE SAMPLE BALLOTS rather than guessing who are the real Democrats. You can find them here on our website, and print or take a photo of them, or simply remember to pick up a sample ballot at the polls if voting in person on May 16, 7am-8pm.



Primary Election Day is Tuesday, May 16, 2023

It’s Springtime – the beginning of Election Season 2023!

Enjoy the warmer weather, but please keep in mind that the future of our freedoms, and democracy, is still at stake.

These ‘odd-year’ elections should not be called or considered ‘off-year’ elections; every election counts these days, and no less in 2023. This year, we will vote on a majority of Chester County Government positions, with the most important being for retaining the majority of the County Board of Commissioners (BOC). Since the BOC controls the Board of Elections, with a Republican majority  we could easily see voting becoming more difficult and even have safe and secure results questioned and not certified by election deniers in those positions.

However, virtually every race on the ballot has significance to each resident and family, as we will elect five county judges and school directors for West Chester, Downingtown, and Coatesville Area School districts. These races, since they are supposed to not be political (although they clearly are), allow candidates to cross-file on the ballot of the political party that is not their own.  This makes it critically important to review and study the May ballot before casting your votes; we are providing Sample Ballots here on our website and also at the polls that indicate the actual Democrats and those endorsed by the county Democratic Committee following its series of meet-and-greets, questionnaire reviews, and interviews.

We will also – in November –  elect judges to the state Supreme Court, Superior Court, and Commonwealth Court; all have critical roles in deciding cases related to our health, religious and reproductive freedoms, and elections.

Our first step is to rally registered voters to cast their vote in the Primary Election on May 16. The following county and state-wide races are on the Primary Election Ballot:

  • PA State Supreme Court
  • PA Superior Court
  • PA Commonwealth Court
  • Chester County Commissioners (vote for two)
  • Chester County District Attorney
  • Chester County Recorder of Deeds
  • Chester County Prothonotary
  • Chester County Register of Wills and Orphans Court
  • Chester County Sheriff

In addition, you will vote for township supervisors, auditors, and school directors.

See the sample ballot for your precinct for more information; you can read about the candidates and get important voting information on the website.